Home Whitening vs. In Office Whitening

Have you been wanting whiter teeth? Of course! Everyone wants a whiter smile, but what is the easiest way to accomplish that? Should you try at-home whitening or visit your dentist for a whitening procedure? 


All whitening agents use peroxide solutions, the bigger percentage of it, the faster it works. Over the counter whitening products have a very low percentage of peroxide. Dentist whitening agents, including take-home whitening trays and Zoom whitening, are much stronger.

How White Will My Teeth Be?

No matter what product you choose to go with, the whitening agent can only whiten your teeth to your natural tooth color. This is determined by the thickness of your enamel and how yellow the dentine is underneath it. Whiteners can help remove food and beverage stains. Store-bought whitening agents contain the least amount of peroxide, they will not whiten your teeth as well as in office treatments will. 


Store bought whitening treatments are very affordable, usually costing around $50. Whitening treatments from dentists can cost between $300-$500. 

Side Effects

All whitening products can make teeth more sensitive. Store-bought whitening products are milder than in-office whiteners, they will not make your teeth as sensitive. While they don’t work as efficiently, they may be the best option for patients already struggling with teeth sensitivity. Dentists recommend starting with store-bought whiteners, then if not effective, moving to take home whitening solutions. 

Dentists can control the amount of peroxide in the gel solutions for take-home whitening trays. Which will help their patients’ sensitivity levels.

Some patients feel sensitivity for a period of time, then it quickly goes away. Hot or cold foods can trigger sensitivity. Toothpastes tailored for sensitive teeth will help as well.