Our Office

Rancho Dental has been recommended as one of the Best Dental Practices in Temecula Valley. Our patients and their comfort are extremely important to us. Here at Rancho Dental we want you to feel at home. One of our goals is to create a welcoming environment for our guests.  We know that for many people, a trip to the dentist is not a favorite activity.  The feeling of a cold, sterile dental office is not very appealing.  That is why we try and to make you feel  as comfortable as possible when you visit our office! To add to your comfort the office is equipped with an exceptional ‘Comfort Menu’:
  • Overhead TVs: you can watch tv or bring your favorite DVD
  • Stereo Headphones: Enjoy your TV audio or music station on your private headphones
  • N202: Relax during your dental procedures with relaxing laughing gas
  • Oral Sedation: For those guests who have higher levels of apprehension, sleep dentistry is available.
  • IV Sedation: An anesthesiologist will sedate you so that you’re truly asleep.
  • Blankets: snuggle in and relax
  • Neck Pillows: For those who need added neck support