Kid's Dentist TemeculaAt Rancho Dental we want to give you the smile you desire and the dentistry you deserve! We want to help you get the smile you desire at a price you can afford. That is why we offer various dental financing options.


We accept most major credit/debit cards as a form of payment:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express


Cash and check is an acceptable payment method at Rancho Dental.


Rancho Dental accepts most insurance plans for services. Please contact us for more information.

Don’t Have Dental Insurance?



CareCredit is a revolving credit line with no up-front costs, no pre-payment penalties, and no fees. It only takes a few minutes to apply for CareCredit and you could receive an online decision within seconds!

CareCredit allows you the freedom to begin your dental procedures right away, and then make low payments over time. Payment plans can be worked to fit into almost any budget and include a range of No Interest and Extended Payment Plans covering procedures up to and even over $25,000!

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card designed to help you pay for additional treatments or other medical services that are not covered by your medical insurance. With a zero reapply needed policy, it takes just a few minutes to apply, and an answer to your dental needs can be received in just seconds! There are no up-front costs, no fees, or pre-pay penalties, the way to the smile you desire has never been easier!


Click here to visit the CareCredit website

Rancho Dental Savings Plan

The Rancho Dental Savings Plan is right for you if…

  • You do not currently have dental insurance.
  • You are retired and lost your dental benefits.
  • You are a small business owner who wants to offer dental benefits to your employees.

Benefits of the Rancho Dental Savings Plan

The Rancho Dental Savings Plan is customizable for your family or business.

No yearly maximums!
No insurance processing headaches!

*If you are a small business owner looking to offer assisted dental coverage for your employees, please call Rancho Dental to discuss possible cost your Rancho Dental Savings Plan today!