When someone gives you a beaming smile, how do you respond? Most likely we smile back!  Did you know a genuine smile, whether from friends, a loved one or even a stranger, are INFECTIOUS!  That is not a bad infection either!   A smile is good for the soul, as it emotes positive emotions.  Did you know that a baby can interpret our facial expressions?  Yes,  baby recognizes a smile and will smile back!  That is heartwarming for sure.   Researchers at Harvard University, studied a group of elderly patients and their response to facial expressions of health care providers.  When caregivers were perceived as warm, caring, concerned and empathetic, the patients felt more satisfied and their physical and mental well being improved.  The opposite was true when patients felt no warmth or concern, they would distance themselves.    The moral of this story, a smile is so important for all!    Rancho Dental promotes smiles.   We want your teeth to be healthy as this helps make us smile even more!   Do you need a veneer?  We are not wanting cosmetic dentistry, however, sometimes we need it to help improve our well being.   Crooked teeth can cause issues, we can help determine best treatment.  

Cosmetic Dentistry offers many options.  Doctor Davis and Dan Perry and their teams can help determine what is right for you.     Smile Temecula and smile Riverside County, and smile San Diego County, as Rancho Dental is ready to help!