Your Breath Smells- Why?

   Bad breath, also known as Halitosis, plagues countless people. It can be a cause of anxiety for many because they are worried of what other people will think. You may therefore wonder why your breath smells. Is there a way to cure this issue? The big culprits of bad breath usually begin in the mouth. Here are some of the main causes.


   If you notice your breath smells and you smoke, you may have just identified your cause of bad breath. Tobacco products cause a foul odor to occur in the mouth. Additionally, smoking and use of tobacco products can increase your risk of gum disease, a reason why your breath smells.

Poor Oral Hygiene

   Do you ever notice that your breath smells when you have missed a couple brushings? When you fail to brush and floss, you are allowing food particles to sit in your mouth. The result is that sticky white material called plaque that forms on your teeth. To add to this, the tongue is a big collector of bacteria. When we fail to brush our tongue every day, the lingering bacteria will also cause halitosis.

You Drink A lot of Alcohol

   Did you know that our saliva helps keep our breath fresh? In fact, it helps clear away food and debris. However, booze is known to dry out a person’s mouth. Also, according to, “a certain odor is triggered when the body metabolizes alcohol.” This odor can contribute to bad breath.

The Number One Help!

   As you can see, one of the main reasons your breath smells, is a lack of good oral hygiene. A simple fix is to up your brushing and flossing game. Further, don’t forget to brush your tongue!