You Have a Knocked Out Tooth- Now What?

   Most everyone has heard of a horror story involving a crazy accident which leaves someone missing a tooth or two. Whether or not this has happened to you, it is wise to know what to do in such a case. Knowing what to do can mean the preservation of your tooth or someone you know!

Follow the Steps

  1. Handle the Tooth by the Crown Only (chewing surface)

Once you find the tooth, don’t leave it. Pick it up by the chewing surface or the crown of the tooth. Avoid touching the root of the tooth.

  1. Rinse if Dirty

A knocked out tooth may end up getting dirty. If so, clean the tooth with only water, no soap or chemicals. Do not attempt to scrub, dry, or wrap the tooth in a tissue or cloth.

  1. Place the Tooth Back in its Socket Immediately

The best way to preserve the tooth at this point is to keep it in your mouth. Ideally, gently press it back into its socket, holding it by the crown. Another option is to place the knocked out tooth between your gum and cheek, gently holding it with your fingers or closing your mouth.

  1. Keep It Moist!

This is one of the most important tooth-saving tips.  This keeps the tissues in the tooth root alive for as long as possible, increasing the dentist’s chances of a successful tooth replant. If you cannot keep the tooth in your mouth, put it in a glass or milk or use an emergency tooth preservation kit. Do not store it in water, as this will damage the tooth’s root.

  1. See an Endodontist or Dentist within 30 minutes

Time is of the essence. Your goal is to keep the tooth alive but it’s out of mouth life is short lived.  Although 30 minutes is the general amount of time, teeth have been successfully replanted after being out of the mouth for an hour or more.

Rancho Dental Emergency

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