Christopher Fillmore entered the raffle prize contest at Rancho Dental to win a free I-PAD, and he did! Christopher was very happy- who wouldn’t be! He is yet another who has joined the long list of those Rancho Dental has given free gifts to!


How did Christopher Fillmore win a free I-PAD? We here at Rancho Dental in Temecula, encourage our patients to refer their family and friends to us. Many have done so because they trust us and love the dental work we do. We believe it is very important to reward our beloved patients for referring their friends and family to us! With the Thank-you Referral Program, we give them the opportunity to be a dental raffle winner every two months- and Christopher took advantage of this great opportunity.

“How does this all work?” You may ask. “Do I really just have to tell friends and family about Rancho Dental to be a possible dental raffle winner?” The simple answer is YES! The way this dental Thank-you Referral Program works, is you tell an acquaintance about us- refer them here, to Rancho Dental. As long as they book and keep their appointment, your name will be entered in the dental raffle winner jar. When the name is drawn every two months, you have a chance to be the dental raffle winner! The prizes for a dental raffle winner are fantastic and have up to a five-hundred dollar value! Apple products, such as the Apple Watch and this win a free I-PAD have been given out to those who became our dental raffle winners. Another who benefited from the Thank-you Referral program won a five-hundred dollar gift card.

Would you like to be a dental raffle winner here at Rancho Dental? Then refer someone to us and you might win a free I-PAD as well!