Why Check Ups Are Essential

   Going to the dentist every 6 months is known as your check up. Doing this consistently is important for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Here are some further details on why check ups are essential.

What Happens During Your Visit?

   There are two main parts to a dental visit. First, the exam or check up and second, the cleaning. We will go through what a typical exam consists of and then the cleaning.


   The main thing your dentist is checking for here is cavities or decay. X-rays are taken, allowing your dentist to see any cavities that are between the teeth. If you have any concerns or anything bothering you, this is a good time to let the dental assistant or doctor know. Likely, an additional X-ray will be taken of the problem area. Dr. Perry also performs an oral cancer screening in which he checks for signs of cancer in and around the mouth.

The doctor is also looking for tartar and plaque. If left on your teeth, this build up of bacteria will harm your gums and teeth. Generally, the dentist will also measure the spaces between your gums and teeth. When gum depths are shallow, you have healthy gums and only require a general cleaning. On the other hand, deeper depths mean your gums have a lot of bacteria and a deep cleaning will be recommended.


   This is when your dentist scales your teeth with special instruments. This process will remove any plaque or tartar you have. Next, your teeth will be polished with a special brush and gritty paste to remove surface stains. Last, your teeth will be flossed. If you fail to brush and floss regularly, your teeth will likely have a lot of sticky white material called plaque. If you do not brush and floss to remove this, then tartar will form. You cannot remove tartar with a toothbrush or floss! Therefor you can see why check ups are essential.

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   There are many reasons why check ups are essential. Maintain your dental health!