What to do When Your Child Loses a Tooth

   Do you remember losing your first tooth as a child? Each child is different. On one hand, one may be nervous in anticipating the pain. On the other hand, a child may look forward to it. Either way, you want to know what to do when your child loses a tooth.

Wipe the Gums

   Once the tooth has come out, it is recommended to gently wipe the area with a clean cloth. In addition, having your child swish with salt water will help the area to heal and stay clean. Then, you can place a cool gauze or tea bag on the area and discourage your child from spitting. This motion can actually cause more bleeding. In the end, the bleeding should stop in about 10 minutes. If bleeding continues call your dentist.

Don’t Brush the Socket

   Some kids’ permanent teeth emerge in as little as two weeks after their baby teeth fall out, according to Parents Magazine. However, emerging adult teeth may take much longer and may not come until the age of 7 or 8. Nevertheless, brushing this area within the first day or two, can cause irritation. It is best to thoroughly clean around it until the socket has healed.

Maintain Good Oral Healthcare

   As is stated on Colgate’s website, “Poor care for primary teeth can affect the development of permanent teeth, and for a good reason. These primary teeth act as holding spaces in a person’s jaw for permanent teeth to erupt.” Therefore, practicing good oral care for a child’s primary teeth, means healthy adult teeth later.

As you can see, you now know what to do when your child loses a tooth. Now by following these steps, a child’s first tooth loss can go smoothly.