What does it Mean When Your Tongue is Black and Hairy?

   A black, hairy tongue? The name alone is repulsing! If you have never experienced this then it may be surprising to you. Although it is rare, some have experienced this tongue ailment.

   A normal, healthy tongue is pinkish in color that has raised bumps called papillae. Since the tongue is responsible for such important functions as eating and speaking, it is vital to have a healthy tongue. However, certain ailments can affect the tongue like when your tongue is black and hairy.


  We are often told by our dentist to brush our teeth. When you do this it is important not to forget to clean one important part of your mouth- your tongue!

   Bacteria grow on our tongue and poor oral hygiene can mean an overgrowth of bacteria. As a result, papillae are elongated and the tongue can turn a greenish black. This can create the condition of when your tongue is black and hairy. Bad breath or a metallic taste can also accompany this issue. Other causes can include recent antibiotic use or a fungal infection.


   If your tongue is black and hairy, it can no doubt be alarming. Thankfully however, this is a benign condition or in other words it is not detrimental to your overall health. Usually, it can be remedied by brushing with toothpaste on a toothbrush 2-3 times daily. Tongue scrapers can also work well. Your goal is to rid your tongue of the overgrowth of bacteria.

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