What are Dentures?

   Are you familiar with dentures? Are you thinking of perhaps going this route in the near future because of the condition of your teeth? Millions of people have removable dentures. Rancho Dental is skilled in creating a personalized set of removable teeth and explaining the answer to the question:  “what are dentures? ”

Create a New Smile
   When a person has lost all their teeth, one way to replace the teeth and rehabilitate the person’s chewing function is with full dentures. Dr. Perry is trained in the Staub Denture technique to aid in his patients’ rehabilitative needs. Both Dr. Perry & Dr. Dan have an artistic eye that guides the arrangement of teeth so that they look  youthful yet natural. They are experts at making the teeth blend into the face aesthetically.

What to Expect with Full Dentures
   An impression of your mouth will be taken from which a dental laboratory will make your custom fit dentures. You will receive an upper and lower denture from the lab. The upper denture will cover the gums and upper palate. The lower will resemble the shape of a horse shoe, covering your gums but leaving space for your tongue. The dentures will be covered in a flesh colored acrylic base to cover your gums.

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   So what are dentures? Do you have further inquiries regarding this question? Simply contact Rancho Dental to ask!

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