Wedding Day Smile

It’s almost here and the wedding bells are ready to go off! Your big day- your wedding! Not only do you have preparations to take care of but also the thought of how your smile will look! Don’t we all want picture perfect smiles when we are in a wedding? Whether you are the groom, bride, part of the wedding party, or friends and family, you want to look your best with a white wedding smile. In addition to the many procedures we offer, as seen on, we offer cosmetic dentistry so your smile is the last thing you have to worry about! When it’s going to contribute to the wedding day, we call it “wedding dentistry”!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Probably one of the number one questions we are asked? What is involved with cosmetic dentistry? Or is Dr. Perry a “Cosmetic Dentist?” The answer is yes to the latter. However, an answer to the first question requires a little more of an explanation. Most people do not need cosmetic work. Cosmetic Dentistry could involve just teeth whitening improvements which most of us do want, but not too white! Moreover, especially in the case of your wedding day smile, you want to be confident. The proper shade of white is key, and we help you to determine what is best for your Wedding Day Smile! That is most important to our office and to our doctors. Dr. Perry is a highly trained cosmetic dentist, and he will work with you to determine what the best treatment option is for you.

Rancho Dental is your go to place for a Wedding Day Smile. We believe all should have “The Smile They Desire and The Dentistry They Deserve.” Dr. Perry, a leading dentist in Temecula, specializes in family and cosmetic dentistry. Families need crowns, veneers, teeth whitened, or dental implants or dentures? Dr. Perry’s 25 plus years of experience allow him to evaluate these new technologies and determine which will satisfy each of our patients. Temecula Cosmetic Dentistry is a place where highly trained specialists are used so that the highest degree of care is always reached for… not what is best for the staff but what is best for our patient. This helps you to feel easy and relaxed before your wedding pictures.

A World Class Dental Office:

First: the best service available. The highly trained staff uses the latest technologies. Thus, this ensures that your visit to Temecula Cosmetic Dentistry will be pleasant and comfortable.

Second: Dr. Perry grew up in southern California. He attended the University of California at Davis for his undergraduate studies. He then attended the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, graduating in 1983. Dr. Perry opened his Temecula dental practice in 1989. Temecula has been home for almost 30 years. As you can see, because of Dr. Perry’s wealth of knowledge and his highly experienced and trained staff he makes Temecula cosmetic dentistry the best in town!.

Third: we strive to make every dental restoration placed in the mouth look perfectly natural, whether it’s a single filling or a complete smile makeover. Therefore, with the combination of Dr. Perry’s artistic eye and modern esthetic materials, your dental work will blend seamlessly with nature. A healthy and beautiful smile is very important, and Dr. Perry will work with you to determine the right treatment plan for you!

Temecula Cosmetic Dentistry includes:

  • metal-free restorations
  • porcelain crowns
  • porcelain onlays
  • tooth colored fillings
  • veneers
  • dental bleaching / teeth whitening

Don’t fret about those ugly metal restorations being in your mouth. No longer is unsightly metal needed to strengthen dental restorations. Modern dental materials are strong while looking natural. Black fillings are a thing of the past. On the other hand, porcelain crowns with gray at the gum-line can be eliminated. As you can see, Dr. Perry has extensive training to deliver quality metal free dental work.

In summary, Rancho Dental wants you to love your wedding day smile. Additionally, at Rancho Dental, you can count on the dentistry being delivered with integrity and professionalism. In closing, give your Wedding Day Smile Dentist a call to see how we can beautify that smile!