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Here at Rancho Dental, our main focus is making families feel welcome. From babies to adults, we will cover whatever dental needs you have! We all want to take care of our baby teeth health. Do you have any questions about your child’s oral health? We will be happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. But we have a few facts about baby teeth health:

  1. An average adult has 32 permanent teeth, whereas babies have 20. 
  2. Baby teeth tend to be whiter in color than permanent teeth. This is why permanent teeth look more yellow when they form.
  3. Baby teeth start forming when babies are in the utero stage.
  4. The first baby teeth to form are typically lower central incisors.
  5. The first baby teeth to be lost are the lower central incisors.
  6. Baby teeth have thinner enamel, which is the outer white hard layer. This may be the reason children get more cavities. A cavity can progress much faster than a cavity in a permanent tooth that has thicker enamel. 
  7. Baby teeth hold the space for the permanent teeth.
  8. Most children grind their teeth when they are babies which usually stops then they get permanent teeth. 
  9. Baby teeth should be brushed as soon as they come in.
  10. Bottle feeding for too long, not only can cause tooth decay to form early on but also increases the risk of childhood obesity. 

Taking care of your baby teeth health from a young age is essential for their overall oral health. Rancho Dental welcomes the whole family to visit the office! Dr. Perry has always been great with the kiddos! 

We also have several means of entertainment. Including tv, books, toys, comfy chairs, etc. We look forward to meeting you and your family!


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