Rancho Dental had a fantastic day of giving on their Veteran’s Day. Many Vets came in to enjoy dental treatment on a day especially for them. One Veteran who was in the waiting room was given a surprise. He was just in for a regular visit but was very happy to find out the event was for him. He visited the office with a friend and neither of them actually knew it was Veteran’s Day put on by Rancho Dental. He personally thanked Dr. Perry for his staff’s support, while comfortably reclining in the dental chair.

The staff on Veteran’s Day were very attentive and helpful to their guests. For example, one of the hygienists showed exceptional personal interest as she carefully listened to one of the Vet’s shared his life experiences while waiting for Dr. Perry. She was very supportive.

Dr. Perry was also very attentive to his guests as he went from room to room to assist each patient on Veteran’s Day According to one of the staff, this event was unlike Dentistry From The Heart. X-rays were given to each individual on a previous day, so this event was more like a normal day at the dentist where guests have to make an appointment. But she said it’s still definitely an important event.

Another dental hygienist on Veteran’s Day said she likes working these kind of events. Her husband is a vet so she had to do it, she says with a smile. This is their first Veteran’s Day, and they want to do it annually.

20150619_101110They were all very excited and felt it was their way to give back to the community.