Local Dentist Participates in Veteran’s Day by Giving Back to Veterans with a Day of Free Dentistry -August 2015

As a token of their gratitude, Dr. F. Davis Perry and the staff at Rancho Dental gave back to the community by providing a day of free dentistry to our Veterans on June 19, 2015. Some 21 appreciative Veterans received needed care at Rancho Dental’s Veteran’s Day, ranging from cleanings, fillings, crowns, and extractions. Rancho Dental was very busy on Veteran’s Day!

Gail is one of the caring hygienists that assisted on Veteran’s Day day, with a smile she said, “This is our first Veteran’s Day, and we want to do it annually.” Both she and Colette, a dental assistant, expressed their excitement about working on such a positive event that was focused around helping our Veterans. Another member of the staff felt it was an important event for the community, saying “it’s an easy way to give back.” One of the Veterans that benefited from Rancho Dental’s Veteran’s Day is Gary. While reclining in the dental chair, Gary personally thanked Dr. Perry for his staffs’ support with Veteran’s Day.

Rancho Dental was not only a big help on Veteran’s Day, but they showed Temecula they have a big heart!

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