Veneers are the most common question Dr. Perry is asked about and are his most common cosmetic dentistry procedure. Veneers are a thin layer of ceramic or porcelain that are applied to the front of the teeth. They are permanent and are a way to enhance stained, broken, chipped or otherwise undesirable teeth. In some cases, as little as two visits will have your veneers put in place and will have you out the door and worry free. The most common complaint of those who have had them put in place is that they didn’t get veneers sooner!

Avoid the nagging feeling of needing to get something done for your teeth every time you look in the mirror. Veneers with Dr. Perry could be your answer! They are quick and permanent. Imagine a beautiful smile that you have always dreamed of- then imagine that smile being yours! Rancho Dental offers you a bright smile that you can attain!

Come visit Dr. Perry, the dentist offering the best dental work at Rancho Dental, for a brighter, less chipped smile tomorrow! You will not regret your visit.

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