Tooth Pain dentist Temecula

We are your tooth pain dentist Temecula. Many people wonder or ask, “what is the most common cause of tooth pain?” One of the most common causes of tooth pain is a well known problem! Cavities! These are dreaded by each patient when they come in for a check up here at your tooth pain dentist Temecula. Who wants a cavity!? We all rejoice once we discover we are cavity free…but if we do have a cavity it can cause a lot of pain. Granted some of us are more cavity prone than others but many people bring this problem on themselves. How? Rancho Dental, your tooth pain dentist Temecula, says that a failure to keep up on daily brushing and flossing as well as yearly check ups, greatly hightens your chances of a tooth ache from a cavity!

Dr. Perry, your tooth pain dentist Temecula, notices that children are often culprits for getting a cavity since they do not know, or are not properly taught the correct manner in which to take care of their teeth on a daily basis. Your tooth pain dentist Temecula encourages all parents to take seriously the job of teaching your children how to take care of their teeth!

What are some other reasons for tooth pain? Grinding our teeth as a result of increased amounts of stress could be another factor. Do you wake up in the morning with sore jaws? This could be a sign of teeth grinding at night while sleeping.

A final reason for tooth pain is if you have emerging wisdom teeth. This could mean you need to find a tooth pain dentist Temecula. Wisdom teeth tend to crowd other teeth, resulting in pain and discomfort.

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