The Top 5 Worst Foods for Your Teeth

We all love a sweet treat or a delicious cup of coffee. At the same time, most of us are aware that these are some of the foods that are said to be damaging to our teeth. Are they really that bad for your teeth? If so, why are they damaging to our oral health? Below you will find the top 5 worst foods for your teeth.

  1. Candy-not so sweet for teeth

Due to the high amounts of sugar it contains, candy is one of the worst foods for your teeth. This is especially true of hard candies because of the long period of time it is in your mouth. As the candy dissolves, the sugar releases acids that break down your teeth. The more you expose your teeth to this, the weaker your enamel becomes to fighting against cavities. Furthermore, hard candies are a big culprit in fractured or chipped teeth! Try an alternative, such as sugar –free chewing gum!

  1. Ice- use to chill, not chew!

It’s a hot day and you are fresh out of popsicles. What could be better than crunching on some refreshing ice? After all, it is sugar free and you are hydrating yourself with water! Indeed, it is always a good thing to avoid sugar and drink more water. However, many people experience a dental emergency because of chewing on ice. If you would like to avoid a broken tooth, try just drinking cold water. If you simply need some ice, only suck on small pieces but NEVER chew it!

  1. Soda- perhaps the worst?

This one is definitely at the top of the worst foods for your teeth. With soda, you not only have the sugar attacking your teeth but also the carbonation. Above, we already discussed the effect of sugar on teeth. In the case of carbonation, this is found to be very acidic which is therefore bad for your teeth. To add to the sugar and carbonation, sodas with caffeine create a triple threat for your teeth since caffeine can dry out your mouth. Do your teeth a favor and go for the water instead!

  1. Alcohol- easy does it

Illustrated by the many negative effects on our body from overconsumption of alcohol, it’s a no brainer to go easy on the drinks. Often forgotten however, is the negative effect it has on oral health. This is because it dries out the mouth. Thus there is a greater chance of decay and infection because there is a lack of saliva to wash away impurities.

  1. Sports Drinks- a hidden culprit

Maybe you were surprised to see this listed as one of the worst foods for your teeth. For one thing, these drinks are supposed to re-energize you when playing sports and working out. Why are they bad for your teeth? In reality, most sports drinks have sugar listed at the top of the ingredients. Next time you need a pick-me up, look for drinks that have low sugar or drink water.