This is not what we want, but it happens! Oral pain! A fantastic Tooth Pain Dentist Temecula can be found at Rancho Dental. His name is Dr. Perry. He agrees that a broken tooth needs to be taken care of as soon as possible because it can cause much pain.

Whatever the case, just call us and we can help you right away. Properly treating the pain, and providing the diagnosis that fits your needs is our priority.

One broken tooth or multiple broken teeth are easily repaired at your Tooth pain dentist Temecula. Our highly trained office staff will quickly and efficiently take care of your needs. Have any questions? Call your Tooth pain dentist Temecula today! Rancho Dental is ready to help Temecula residents with any broken tooth or tooth ache pain!

A“rookie dentist” is not what you will find at Dr. Perry’s office, your Tooth pain dentist Temecula. A broken tooth will be amended with the latest and greatest dental tools and proceedures. We strive to make every dental restoration placed in the mouth look totally natural, whether it’s a single filling or a complete smile makeover. Correcting broken teeth are included in cosmetic dental proceedures. With the combination of a professional dentist’s eye and modern materials, your dental work will be totally unnoticable. Dr. Perrry knows that a healthy and beautiful smile is very important. He wants you to see how important it is as well, and will patiently go over the best options for you. He wants to help you get rid of that tooth pain because he is your tooth pain dentist Temecula.