Temecula Family Dentist

Above all we take great pride in providing dental care for each member of the family! Henceforth you don’t have to look for a Temecula Family Dentist because we are it! Further, think of the fact that you just saved a lot of time for you and your family!

The Importance of Location

“Location, location, location!” That is what you often hear regarding the high importance of where a place of public interest is located. Since we are located here in beautiful Temecula, we are very close to Murrieta and Fallbrook. Additionally, we provide General Dental Services. In addition to this we offer Orthodontics, Dental Implants, One Day Crowns and Cosmetic Dentistry. Accordingly, just call to get all the details from your Temecula Family Dentist.

People with the zip code 92592 or 92591are in just the right spot to take advantage of our Temecula Family Dentist Dr. Perry! Of course if you are located anywhere in the Riverside County, you are close to us as well. To add to this, we personally invite you to come for the best dental visit you have ever had. With Dr. Perry’s kind bedside manner, his great staff, and comfy office, you are sure to be pleased.

Visit Us!

There are many reasons to visit us. First of all, Dr. Perry is a wonderful Temecula Family Dentist . Secondly, his office is located in Temecula, CA on Rancho California Road near Peony’s and the gas station. As you can see, if you live in the Riverside area you are very close! Temecula Family Dentistry is an excellent choice!

Meet Our Staff

Doreen, our Temecula Family Dentist office coordinator is skilled at her profession and will be one of the nice ladies whom you can expect to answer any of your incoming calls. Of course, she loves answering your questions! Next, we have Pam as our other diligent front office coordinator. No doubt, many already know Pam as the friendly, bubbly receptionist to help you with all of your needs! They both know a lot about their profession at our Temecula Family Dentist office since they have been serving here many years.

Here at your Temecula Family Dentist, we have top-notch Hygienists and Dental Assistants that will treat your children with kindness and professionalism. Perhaps you are nervous over dental work. Do you get the jitters just thinking about it? For this reason we take every effort to provide the most relaxed and friendly atmosphere possible. Therefore, you can rest assured that many of our patients have felt the same way until they experience Rancho Dental’s kind, understanding staff taking care of them. Since the office is designed for comfort with televisions attached to the dental chairs and televisions in the waiting room, you can come in prepared to relax with your family.

Dr. Perry

Many wonder if they should ask the dentist questions about the details of their treatment. They may assume the dentist is too busy to spend any extra time with them. Do not make this mistake! If the dentist you have refuses to make you feel relaxed and answer any questions you have, leave. It is very important to be confident in you treatment plan and with your dentist.