New year, new smile, new teeth whitening!  Yes, please give us a call at 951-699-4746 and we can set up an appointment for you!  We have a super duper special this month and if you have never had a teeth whitening boost, then this is the right time to try it!  Rancho Dental is ready to help ensure you have a healthy set of teeth and gums and can provide really good teeth whitening options.    Not all teeth need to be the same, nor the same white!  What questions do you have?  You can call us or email us at, and we can respond to any question you may have.  Pain?  No pain, sometimes there is a tingle as the whitening agents do their work.  We give you specific instructions for our take home kit.  You can also have in-house whitening done.     When you  have a teeth whitening treatment, it actually improves our outlook, as having healthy clean and fresh looking teeth does make you feel good.  Makes us feel good too!     Remember, first and foremost is healthy teeth.    Temecula Teeth Whitening, you found us, now give us a ring! ūüôā    $129 special, that is pretty cool too!