Teeth Fun Facts

Sometimes we can forget to appreciate our teeth, they play such a huge role in our lives. They enable us to chew our food and make our smiles beautiful. But there may be some teeth fun facts that you do not know. Here are 10 teeth fun facts that will teach you a little bit about dental health.

  1. Nobody has the same teeth. We are all unique and have our own set of chompers. 
  2. The average person spends 38.5 days brushing their teeth in a lifetime. 
  3. Teeth form before you are even born. Babies actually start to form teeth in the womb, some babies are brown with teeth. 
  4. If you floss one time a day for your entire life, you will use about 5 miles of floss in your lifetime. That’s crazy!
  5. During the Middle Ages in Germany, if you had an ache in your tooth, you would have been prescribed to “kiss a donkey.” Now lets appreciate our dentist!
  6. Our enamel, which is the outer white portion of the tooth, is the hardest substance of the body.
  7. The average person makes about 1 quart of saliva a day. Which means we product 10,000 gallons of saliva in our lifetime. 
  8. The first dentists to practice were actually barbers. 
  9. If you floss once a day, as told by your dentist, you can extend you life by 5 years. Now THATS a reason to start listening to your dentist. 
  10. Most adults have 32 teeth while children will only have 20.

We could never cover every teeth fun fact out there! Learning about teeth will hopefully strengthen you resolve to schedule an appointment today with Rancho Dental. We will take care of all your dental needs! 



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