Stress Free Family Dentist Murrieta!

If you call Murrieta home or somewhere near it, then you are invited to the Rancho Dental stress free Family Dentist Murrieta! Generally speaking, first and foremost, a patient asks 2 main questions…First, how do your patients feel about the care they receive? Second, why should I trust my dental needs to your office?

Let’s focus on the first question: How do your patients feel about the care they receive? First of all, it is good to acquaint yourself with the dentist, Dr. Perry. Dr. Perry is a wonderful Family Dentist Murrieta. His office is located in Temecula, CA. The stress free Family Dentist Murrieta office staff are made up of our front office staff, namely Doreen, Denise, Marnie, and Pam. Additionally, we have many hygienists and dental assistants. We have a relaxed, family oriented office.

For these reasons, our patients are extremely pleased with the level of care we provide! For example, take a look at our Google reviews! Accordingly this proves our worthiness of being your dentist.

Next, we have the second question: Why should I trust my dental needs to your care? Without a doubt, this is a great question. Another great fact about Rancho Dental is our office has been in Temecula for over 25 years. Of even higher value is how skilled and trustworthy a dental office’s staff is.

Our Staff

Doreen, Rancho Dental’s office coordinator, has worked in the dental occupation for some 43 years. She has been with Dr. Perry, a stress free Family Dentist Murrieta, since 1998.

Dental Assistants

First, Colette has been with Dr. Perry for 5 years, with 3 years of that time being used towards extensive training in Cerec and cosmetic dentistry. With over 30 years of experience as a dental assistant, she will take care of your stress free Family Dentist Murrieta needs in a quality manner.

Second, Tami has 28 years of experience as a registered dental assistant. She spent three out of those 28 years working in the specialty of Pediatric Dentistry where she is a certified in ultrasonic scaling, coronal polishing and pit and fissure sealants, along with working with the anesthesiologist. She has also become oral sedation certified while at Dr. Perry’s.

Third, Jennie is a registered dental assistant with 15 years experience. What she finds most rewarding in her profession is being part of changing and enhancing someone’s smile. Jennie is oral sedation certified and is a member of ADAA.


First, Jan has 31 years of experience in periodontal care and therapy and enjoys her
Family Dentist Murrieta occupation.

Second, Gail graduated from LACC/UCLA Dental Hygiene School. She has been practicing for over 30 years starting in Orange County she moved to the inland empire in 2000 and has been working for Dr. Perry for the past 10 years.

Third, Susie brings 21 years of experience in periodontal care and for 14 of those years she has worked for Dr. Perry at his office.

Are You Convinced Yet?

Still not convinced that Rancho Dental is your new stress free Family Dentist Murrieta? Along with these points, meeting everyone in person is a sure way to prove our worthiness to yourself. But you may not enough time in your schedule to come in to meet us! In light of the fact that we all have crazy schedules, this stress free Family Dentist Murrieta has a beautiful website for all to visit. However, of course you can “meet us” by seeing the pictures, reading our informative reviews, and seeing some of our work! Once there, you can contact us via phone, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and the list goes on! Therefore, you have a wide variety of ways to reach us in a convenient way.

Given these points, it is obvious that we are a quality stress free Family Dentist Murrieta. Further, our level of expertise sets the bar high! Additionally, we are close to you and set up for the kiddos! We offer TVs, blankets, sedation, and more for those who find dental visits upsetting or to cause anxiety.