We have been seeing so many commercials about how to use our stimulus checks?   And the bottom line, we are grateful to have a stimulus check, and how we use it, lets all use it to make our life better!    What a year, and we need all the stimulus we can get! ­čÖé     Can I use my stimulus check or a portion for my dental work?  Of course?  Generally insurance and or other sources such as Care Credit can be used for our dental maintenance, however, when it comes to improving our smile, we may need Cosmetic Dental Treatment?  Our stimulus check could be used to help us get that perfect white smile or to improve our positioning of our teeth so that our teeth are better aligned, and a Cosmetic Dental Consultation maybe just what is needed to see what the possibilities are for us?  No smile is the same and certainly our teeth are unique to each of us.    Call us for a consultation!  951-553-0934