You know when you see the balloons in the air here in Temecula Valley, the cool spring time air is ideal conditions!  They always look so spectacular as well.   That brings us to our smiles.  We all need to smile as much as possible, because smiles are contagious!  (Did that make you smile?)  We hope so!  2020 was just tough for everyone, and 2021 is look so much better, thank goodness!   Have you been to the dentist?  It is so important for you, and your family to see the dentist at least once a year, and often it is so recommended to visit twice a year!  Why?  Well our teeth have such an impact on our overall health.   So a routine of seeing Dr. Davis and Dan Perry and our Hygienist Team is vital for keeping that smile not only looking good on the outside but on the inside too.  Gum disease?  Cavities, and even oral cancer can all be prevented and or the impacts greatly minimized by going to the dentist.   Its spring time and we want to smile and have healthy teeth and gums too!   Please all us to arrange a free consultation… 951-699-4746 and or email us if you have any questions.    Temecula Valley  we got you covered and we are all ready to smile more!