Dental Check Up!  Is it time?  It is recommended to have two check ups per year, and absolutely have one per year!  Imagine if you never had your car engine maintenance? What would happen?  Eventually bad things happen if we don’t take care of our car.  So too is our gums and teeth!  We need to have our check ups, and at Rancho Dental we take great care and pride to make sure you have healthy gums and teeth!  A complete examination, with x-rays and of course special care by the Rancho Dental Hygienist Team.   Things to check for, also include gum cancer.  Scary word, cancer, and gum cancer can occur, so early detection is a must.    Going to the dentist does not have be scary, and Rancho Dental makes your visit and experience very pleasant.   Dr. Dan and Dr. Dave Perry make sure you feel good as well.     Please call us at 951-699-4746 and get your spring rolling in the right path with your dental check up.    Happy teeth makes us all feel good!   Dental Checkup Temecula, lets do this!