Spring Cleaning for a Healthy Mouth

Spring is just around the corner! That means kids are out of school, flowers are blooming, and spring cleaning is underway. But is a spring cleaning just for around the house? This blog gives you a few tips for the healthy mouth side of spring cleaning!

  • Replace Old Toothbrushes

Take a good look at your toothbrush. Is it worn down and a bit ratty looking? Are the once white or colorful bristles faded and discolored? These are all good indications that your toothbrush is no longer doing the good job it should be doing in the cleaning department. Get a new toothbrush for a healthy mouth! The new bristles will be better able to sweep away debris and plaque both on the tooth’s surface and beneath the gums.


  • Toss Expired Mouthwash and Toothpaste

Did you know mouthwash and toothpaste often have an expiration dates? Just like other items, mouthwash and toothpaste are less effective and may develop an odd taste when too old. If you notice this with yours, out with the old and in with the new!


  • Schedule that Dentist Appointment

As we know, every 6 months is the recommended schedule for seeing our dentist. These appointments should include a cleaning, cancer screening, x-rays, and total oral health check by your dentist. It is a time to address any problems or questions you have. This means you are taking advantage of prevention opportunities instead of allowing those issues to get pricier or more painful. A healthy mouth is what we want!

  • Keep the Floss Stocked

If we are flossing our teeth everyday like we should be, then this means we will go through quite a bit of floss in a month. Keep your floss in handy places like within hands reach near the TV, in the car, and near your bed. This will make flossing more convenient and easy to do daily which means a happy and healthy mouth.

Spring has a way of renewing our goals. This means a new chance for you to get the smile you desire. Do you have further questions or would you like to schedule a dental appointment? Please see our information below to contact us!


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