Smile of the Month is one of Rancho Dental’s specials. Many deserve to be part of the smile of the month but only one can be chosen for smile of the month. This month there is a new winner of smile of the month. His name is Donny. Here is a little about his smile of the month story.

Westendorf, Donny pic1 Westendorf, Donny pic2


Donny came to Dr. Perry because he was unhappy with his smile. Donny’s upper front teeth were discolored, chipped, and misaligned. After an initial consultation, Dr. Perry came up with a plan for Donny. To give Donny the smile he desired, Dr. Perry crowned the top four front teeth. The result was a fantastic smile with uniform color, shape and alignment. What an amazing improvement!

A patient becoming the smile of the month holder may be the result of a fabulous whitening job, cosmetic oral surgery, dental crowns (such as this winner of smile of the month), and any amazing smile make over for smile of the month. Come into our office and take a look at how we can get you in line for a possible smile of the month! Smile of the month is fantastic!

Dental crowns are used by many young and old. Its basically a cap that covers your tooth or teeth. Your original teeth may be chipped, yellow, or compromised in some way. A cap restores strength, and a great appearance to your teeth. It will fully cover the compromised tooth so that it does not show and you are worry free. It is usually cemented down to ensure it is stable and has a good and strong foundation on your teeth. Crowns can be likened to a face lift…just call them a “tooth lift”! Your smile will be bright and gorgeous with a crown or crowns in your teeth.