September is Healthy Aging Month!


   It may be unknown to many, but September is healthy aging month! This is a great month to think of the overall health of aging parents, friends, and even ourselves. Included in this is awareness is one’s dental health!


Healthy Aging and Oral Health


   Healthy aging is a goal of most everyone. Unfortunately, as we age, our physical, mental, and emotional health decline to a certain extent and this includes our oral health. Therefore, it is imperative to take extra good care of your teeth the older you get. What should you take special note of for oral health as you age? Here are 3 tips:


  • Proper Care for Dentures: Whether a full or partial denture, remember to clean them properly every day including removing and rising them after eating. To maintain gum health and limit bacteria, take them out when you sleep.
  • Quit Smoking: Smoking is well known to reverse healthy aging. Dental health will greatly improve when someone stops smoking. Not only does quitting decrease chances of oral cancer, but it also limits chances of gum disease, cavities, and tooth loss.
  • Visit the Dentist Every 6 months: Doing so will allow a dentist or hygienist to do a thorough cleaning of the teeth and check-up.


Healthy Habits for Healthy Aging


   Without a doubt, healthy habits like doing regular exercise and eating nutritious food encourage health as we age. Likewise, healthy dental habits mean good oral health! At Rancho Dental, we want to help you maintain these habits! Schedule your check-up appointment with us!


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