Rancho Dental is a special place for Sedation Dentistry Temecula. A place where our guests are welcomed with a friendly and caring attitude. Dr. Perry’s 25 plus years of experience allow him to evaluate these new technologies and determine which are truly beneficial to our patients. Rancho Dental is a place where highly trained specialists are used so that the highest degree of Sedation Dentistry Temecula is always striven for… not what is best for the office, but what is best for our patient. Rancho Dental is your 92591 dentist!

Want a georgeous smile? Have a painful tooth that needs to be removed? How about that deep cleaning? All of these are necessary for the health of your smile! However, we all tend to have some qualms about the dental office and those important procedures that we all need. Maybe we have anxiety about the pain we think will result or we just hate the feeling of tools in our mouth! Whatever it is that makes you nervous, Rancho Dental says “relax”! How? Two words: Sedation Dentistry Temecula.

We strive to make every dental restoration placed in the mouth look perfectly natural, whether it’s a single filling or a complete smile makeover. With the combination of Dr. Perry’s artistic eye and modern esthetic materials, your Sedation Dentistry Temecula work will blend seamlessly with nature. A healthy and beautiful smile is very important, and Dr. Perry will work with you to determine the right treatment plan for you! Sedation Dentistry Temecula gives you this opportunity.

Oral Conscious Sedation: This technique is usually for the patient who is somewhat anxious. Its simple, safe and effective! You are prescribed a pill and directed to take it an hour before your visit. Upon your arrival, you are invited to relax on an extra-padded chair for your comfort.The level of your drowsiness is then assessed. If more meds are needed, Dr. Perry administers additional meds till you’re in a relaxed, drowsy state. The Rancho Dental team will keep a close eye on all vital signs with a pulse oximeter to ensure a safe visit. Most patients have little memory of the procedure.

IV Sedation: If a patient has extreme anxiety, this sedation option is the ticket! An anesthesiologist will sedate you so that you sre totally asleep. He will also monitor all vital signs while you are asleep to ensure a safe visit.

Patients from the Temecula Valley, Murrieta, Fallbrooke, San Jacinto, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, and other surrounding areas are invited to benefit from this moderm form of dentistry. This form of dentistry means that multiple visits can be condensed into a single safe and comfortable visit.