We will be open soon!   And as we prepare to open our office to care for your dental needs, we want you to know that our office is well equipped to take care of you in extra ways that really give confidence in maintaining our health.   Like never before, extra care and concern and attention to cleanliness is more then ever important.    As you can imagine, keeping a dental office clean is already a 100% duty.   We are just taking extra precautions for how our lobby  and common areas are treated.   When you come to our office, the first thing you will notice, is that we have two sitting areas.   We will control safe distancing measures by keeping our lobby spaced to give each of us the needed safe distance!  We can call you into the office while some may wait in their car!    We will have the correct protective equipment to care not only for you, but for our our staff.    Rancho Dental here in Temecula will be ready to keep us safe!  Our immune system is tied closely to our dental health.  Thus our dental check ups must continue and will be done so that we are also protected.     Our office is beautiful, our staff is beautiful and you our dear client is beautiful.    We are so looking forward to opening our doors and caring for you!   Rancho Dental thanks you too for putting your dental health, your trust in our hands.  (and our hands are protected) (smile) 

  See you soon! 

Rancho Dental Team