Why Replacing Missing Teeth is Important

Do you have a missing tooth? You are not alone! People have missing teeth for various reasons. For example, a sports accident can lead to a tooth being knocked out. On the other hand, genetics or age can result in missing teeth as well. Further, poor oral health care can lead to decay and therefore cause tooth loss.

Now let’s say you do have one or more missing teeth. In this case you may wonder if it’s really such a big deal if you choose to not replace it.

Each Tooth is Vital

All of our teeth play a vital role. In order to chew our food, show off a smile, and speak we need all of our teeth! In addition to these functions, our teeth support one another in the structure of our mouth.

When all your teeth are in place, it helps to keep the structure in your mouth. However, when one or more teeth are missing, it can create problems. For example, other teeth can begin to merge in place of your missing tooth, creating crooked teeth.

Also, chewing while having missing teeth produces extra pressure on your other teeth surrounding the missing one. Additionally, it is important to replace missing teeth to fill in visible gaps. As you can imagine, a visible gap is embarrassing and can lower one’s confidence.

Popular Options


Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or a mouth full of teeth. Dr. Perry & Dr. Dan are highly trained. At Rancho Dental we prefer to work in tandem with a highly trained oral surgeon who places the implants. Many general dentists place their own implants, but we place a high value on the surgical skills that our specialists have acquired.


When a person has lost all their teeth, one way to replace the teeth and rehabilitate the person’s chewing function is with full dentures. Dr. Perry has been trained in the Staub Denture technique to aid in his patients’ rehabilitative needs. Both Dr. Perry & Dr. Dan have an artistic eye that guides the arrangement of teeth so that they look  youthful yet natural. They are experts at making the teeth blend into the face aesthetically.

Partial Dentures

“Partials” are an option when a person has lost teeth but still has some remaining. These appliances are supported by the remaining teeth or implants.

Metal clasps are traditionally present to hold the partial denture in. We now have the ability to make these clasps out of tooth colored material so they disappear!


True, you have many options. But don’t let this overwhelm you. Dr. Perry will walk you through every option and help you to decide!