Rancho Dental does Preventative Dentistry Temecula! Are you in need of Preventative Dentistry Temecula?

What is involved in Preventative Dentistry Temecula? Preventative Dentistry Temecula is a type of dentistry used by Dr. Perry. He believes in a strong preventive program. But, it all starts with a detailed, meticulous dental exam where all areas of the mouth are checked. Over 25 years of experience have honed Dr. Perry’s diagnostic abilities and judgment. One of these Preventative Dentistry Temecula treatments are sealants.


Our teeth experience the daily wear and tear from chewing, insufficient brushing and flossing, sugary or acidic foods, ect. Sealants aid the defenses of your teeth against plaque and tooth decay. It is a thin, plastic material painted on chewing surfaces of the premolars and molars. The sealants bond in the grooves of the tooth to form a protective shield over the tooth’s enamel. Brushing and flossing does fight against plaque build up but such cannot always do a detailed job of it. Sealants protect the hard to reach areas by sealing out plaque and food. The Rancho Dental team wants to help protect your teeth from tooth decay.

Some of the advanced technology used in Preventative Dentistry Temecula are the following:

Digital X-rays: give us unparalleled diagnostic information with up to 70% less radiation.

Panoramic X-rays:(digital) This specialized machine shows the upper and lower jaws on one large film. This film allows us to gauge bone levels, evaluate wisdom teeth and check for growths or abnormalities of the jaw bones.

Cephalometric X-rays: (digital) allows us to evaluate the face in profile which can give us insights into growth and development of the face.