What will your Orthodontics Dentist in Temecula do for you? Basically, an Orthodontics Dentist is your “go-to” dentist for both young and old to make your teeth and bite straight and in tip top shape with various procedures. To add to this, they can diagnose, treat, and coordinate whatever dental care you may need. Of course, if they do not specialize in a certain area of work, they are prepared to refer you to a dentist who does.

It is very important to take care of your teeth since your overall health directly affects your bodily health. For example if you leave a crooked bite or crowded mouth unchecked, you can expect to suffer the consequences when you are older. However, these problems are often more serious and expensive versus fixing them now.

Where can you find the #1 Orthodontics Dentist Temecula? At Rancho Dental! Dr. Perry has the best Orthodontics Dentist Temecula- Dr. Miyamoto.

Rancho Dental believes in using highly trained specialists whenever possible. Instead of a general dentist dabbling in braces or Invisalign, we brought on a specially trained Orthodontist, Dr. Roy Miyamoto. He received his training at Washington University School of Dentistry, and now practices at Rancho Dental, and at a practice in Orange County. Dr. Miyamoto can help you choose between traditional orthodontics or Invisalign.

Family Orthodontics in Temecula, CA

Traditional Orthodontics: The bread and butter of Orthodontics, this method often gives the quickest and most precise results. Clear braces can be used so that the braces are much less visible than if metal braces were used.

Invisalign: is a method of straightening teeth using a series of clear removable trays that align your teeth “invisibly.” Not every case is best treated in this fashion, though many misalignments and malocclusions can be fixed with Invisalign.

In fact, you can find Orthodontics Dentist Temecula just about everywhere- government health services, higher education, corporations, as well as the military. Dr. Perry works out of a roomy and comfortable dentistry building on Rancho California Road in Temecula which we know as Rancho Dental.

What kind of work do Orthodontics Dentist Temecula provide?

A great many Orthodontic dentists are truly professionals since they have received extensive training in a vast array of dental procedures. This enables them to provide plenty of different services to you and your family such as:

-Oral Surgery

-Mouth guards


-Home Care Instruction

Braces are very common in this line of work. A good Orthodontics Dentist Temecula will know if such appliances as an expander, springs, or spacers are necessary.

How much training is required to become an Orthodontist?

According to Chron.com, “an orthodontist’s education and training spans 10 years, including four years of undergraduate study, four years of graduate study and two years of post-graduate study.”

In conclusion, for any further details, please see the video and information offered regarding Orthodontics on our website. We also encourage you to call us or pay our office a visit!