Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April marks the month for Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Here at Rancho Dental, we care about our patients and want to make sure them and their families are taking the right precautions in order to maintain a healthy mouth. Every April, different top dental associations get together and raise awareness for oral cancers. Make sure you and your family are keeping up with annual screenings to make sure everything is functioning properly and you are free of cancer. 

How do you know if you have oral cancer?


  • Soreness or irritation.
  • White or red patches that may feel numb or tender.
  • Lumps that are crusty or rough.
  • Difficulty chewing, swallowing, moving your tongue, or speaking.
  • Bleeding in the mouth. 

We will be able to help detect any signs of cancer and what precautions can be taken. We will discuss and explain to you how to avoid cancer. 

Contact Rancho Dental today if you have any of the symptoms above.