October is National Dental Hygiene Month

   Believe it or not, there is a month out of the year set aside to take note of dental hygiene! That month is now- October! Let’s take this opportunity to give our oral hygiene a little TLC and give a shout out to all those hard working dental hygienists. For this effort we want to focus on the three best, tried and true dental hygiene routines.

Brushing Your Teeth

   This is a given guys! We need to brush at least twice per day- preferably in the morning and at night, before bed. Do so with a soft bristled brush for two minutes. This serves to remove plaque and food particles that can cause cavities and other issues if not removed. Don’t forget to discourage bad breath by brushing away bacteria on your tongue.

Floss on the Daily

   This seems to be one of the hardest habits for patients to maintain every day. However, you can make it super easy for yourself! Simply keep floss at arm’s reach wherever you are- in the car, on the night stand, by the TV. As a result, this necessary dental hygiene routine will be more convenient and easier to remember. Thus you are able to clean between your teeth- the area a tooth brush cannot access.

Keep Your Dental Check-Up and Cleaning Appointments

   Life is super busy- we know! Don’t let your schedule prevent you from having a great, healthy smile! Make sure to get a professional cleaning by your dentist or hygienist every 3, 4, or 6 months, depending on their recommendation. When you need to go more frequently than 6 months, you are likely in need of a deep cleaning. When 6 month cleanings are the recommendation it means you will receive a regular cleaning. Either way, these cleaning are not something you can do at home!

Happy National Dental Hygiene Month!

   All of us at Rancho Dental want to thank all of our hygienists for their hard work! We also want to encourage you to keep that smile gorgeous by maintaining a daily oral care routine and visiting your dentist frequently!