To be very pointed, if you have a dentist and staff that you like, feel safe with.  You need to stay with your Dentist! ­čÖé  However, if your not happy with your dentist, or the staff that support your dental care.   We do want you to call us, as we take great pride, honor if establishing a long lasting dental care program.   2020, the year of clear vision! ­čÖé  Is the year of the best dental health for all of us!   Did you know that having a tooth problem, gum disease can affect other areas of our health?  It is proven that an infected tooth or gum can transmit disease, illness to other parts of our body!  Never prolong a dental concern.   Have a consultation, and determine what is needed to care for your dental health!   Rancho Dental is your dental office to help create and maintain a simple and loving dental plan that fits your schedule and needs.  Twice a year dental cleaning and examination will keep you healthy  and happy!    Rancho Dental not only is your general dentist, buy also your cosmetic dentist!   If you need or want the perfect smile, we can help determine the right course to achieve the perfect smile.   Perfect does not mean expensive!   Dental health is of prime importance and if additional dental perks fit, then we are happy to find the dental solution that fits you!    Rancho Dental is located in Riverside County, just on the border of San Diego County.   We have dental clients from all over Southern California.   Temecula is known for its over 50 beautiful wineries, and we invite you to come to our office and visit our beautiful city.     New Year, New Smile and Rancho Dental is here to help!  

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