June is national migraine awareness month! Migraines are very common most days for people to suffer from them. If you have ever suffered from one then you know the extreme pain it causes to the nerve system. 12% of the population including children suffer from migraines. 18% of American women suffer from migraines and 6% of American men. 10% of children suffer from migraines. This is truly unfortunate. Nearly 1 in 4 United States households includes someone suffering regularly from a migraine. Rancho Dental wants to help these numbers go down. 

  You may be wondering, How can a dentist help with my migraines? Well did you know TMJ can play a role in effecting migraines. TMJ is the joint that acts like a sliding hinge connecting your jawbone to your skull. Our special dentist, Dr. Perry here at Rancho Dental would like to evaluate your TMJ and see what we can do to help. This will relief you from your headache pain. Book a appointment today at Rancho Dental.