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National Dental Assistants Week

March 4-10 is National Dental Assistants Week! The theme of 2019 is “advancing the profession through collaboration and leadership”. Which acknowledges the importance of health care, and all of the responsibilities that dental assistants have. This week is a fantastic time to show the appreciation to dental assistants for the hard work that they put in everyday to help their patients health. 

How Can You Celebrate? 

It doesn’t take a lot of money to show appreciation. In 2018, several businesses surprised five dental assistants in five different states with flowers and Starbucks gift cards during this national week. It showed the assistants how much they were appreciated for their hard work. Here are a few ways you can show your appreciation!


Last year, assistants were surprised around the country with bouquets and others gifts. Bringing the assistants in your dental office flowers, they can be presented in the reception area as an acknowledgment of National Dental Assistants Week. At the end of the day, the assistant can take them home, and enjoy them further. Spread the word! Let others in the office know of the celebration, so that they too can show appreciation. 


Flowers can at times provide a more emotional feeling inside the assistants. But knowing their favorite restaurant or shopping store, and buy them a gift card can be a kind gesture. Little things will make a difference, and keep the assistants in the office feeling loved by their patients. 

Celebrate dental assistants week by showing them how much they are appreciated by small gestures!