February is national children’s dental health month. Rancho Dental is very excited for this month. We care deeply about our children’s dental health. It is so important to teach a good dental routine at a young age. This helps teach the importance of dental care. When children keep up a good routine of dental care, this can prevent dental issues and toothache. 

   As children, candy and sweets are their number one chosen meal. With all the candy and sweet’s its so important for them to regularly brush their teeth and floss their gums. This will prevent cavities. Cavities is one of the most frequent occurrences with children. It can be easily treated but also very painful. Its best to avoid getting one.  If your child does feel one coming on, its best to be treated when its still small and new.

  Book a appointment today for your children’s check up. You can also call our office if you have any questions or concerns.  We look forward to seeing you and your family soon.