Murrieta Family Dentist

Come to Murrieta Family Dentist! At Rancho Dental we welcome the whole family- Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, and Kids! Are you looking for a dentist to bring each family member to? Do you live in Murrieta or close to it? We are just minutes away from you. We are in Temecula off the I-15 on Rancho California Road. Once you meet us, you will want to tell your friends and family about us. You will want them to have the same dental service of excellence offered by Dr. Perry.


Most of our staff at your next Murrieta Family Dentist have a family and kids themselves, so they know how to take care of everyone. There are even toys in our office to keep the kiddos occupied. As for the rest of the family, we have magazines, TV, and relaxing music to listen to as you wait. Dr. Perry is definitely family oriented, having a family of his own.

Look on our social media web pages to see the happy and lovely smiles of some of our patients! We even have raffles and prizes you can win by simply asking one of our staff. Oral surgery is an option available to you. It is done by a special oral surgeon that Dr. Perry has hand picked to ensure you receive the highest level of skill. Dr. Perry trusts this surgeon’s years of experience in Oral Surgery and makes sure you get the best.

Even if you were not looking for a new Murrieta Family Dentist, we encourage you to visit or simply call Rancho Dental to check us out…we are highly professional and beloved by our patients. The care we provide is luxurious.

If you prefer to do research online versus in person or over the telephone, we encourage you to visit our website

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