Making Sure Your Child’s Teeth Develop Correctly

   As your child grows, so do their teeth. This time in their life is vital in developing good dental care habits. In doing so, you are making sure your child’s teeth develop correctly.

Discourage Thumb Sucking

   When stressed or tired, your child may be used to sucking on the pacifier or thumb sucking. Children generally stop this habit on their own around the ages of 4 or 5. However, prolonged thumb sucking can cause misalignment of teeth, problems in proper mouth development, and even affect the roof of their mouth. Discouraging this habit is important in making sure your child’s teeth develop correctly.

Brush and Floss the New Chompers

   As the first teeth make their entrance, gently begin brushing them with a soft bristled tooth brush. As soon as there are two teeth next to each other, beginning flossing between them. Brush with only water in the beginning. As they grow, you can begin using a small amount of toothpaste. Continue to help your child brush and floss until age 4 or 5 and then monitor the process. Ensure they know good technique, such as how to reach all the teeth with the brush and how to hold the floss.

   To encourage tooth brushing and flossing, make it fun! For example, let them pick out a special tooth brush, or play their favorite song as they clean their teeth.

Visit Dr. Perry Every 6 Months

   One of the best ways in making sure your child’s teeth develop correctly is by visiting the dentist. As soon as the first teeth come in, pay a visit to the dentist. Doing so at a young age will teach your child that the dentist is not scary. The dentist will also be able to give you helpful advice and answer any questions you may have. Schedule an appointment with us!


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