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Need Lumineers Temecula?

  1. Do you need Lumineers Temecula? Do you want the white, straight smile that you have always wanted? Maybe you have many questions, or feel confused about the concept. We are here to answer any questions you have! What are the steps?



  1. Schedule a consultation with Rancho Dental. 
  2. An impression of your upper and lower teeth will be taken. this mold will be taken to the laboratory that specializes in Lumineers.
  3. Photos and other records will be prepared. 
  4. Go in to get the Lumineers set. 
  5. Once the find the right color and size, you will go in once again to have the Lumineers bonded onto your teeth. 
  6. Dentist will inspect to make sure your bite is even to avoid biting. 

You will have the best smile in town thanks to Rancho Dental. Call us today!

Lumineers Temecula

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