Need a lumineers dentist Temecula? We are your answer here at Rancho Dental! Here are the steps!According to, you start with a consultation visit. Then come in to see your Certified Lumineers Dentist. You dont have to be nervous, our professionals here at your lumineers dentist Temecula are gentle, kind and patient! An impression of your upper and lower teeth will be taken. This is so that the mold can be sent to a labratory that specializes in Lumineers.In addition to the mold, photos and other records will be prepared and sent to the laboratory. Unlike traditional veneers, generally there is no need for your lumineers dentist Temecula to do extensive drilling, shots or unsightly acrylic temporaries for you.

Just come in once more to get your lumineers set! This will be about 2 weeks later. Think of this visit as being like a visit to the clothing store. You must first try the clothing onto ensure a good fit! At your lumineers dentist Temecula, you must try your lumineers on to make sure they fit well! Once your natural teeth are prepared, the lumineers dentist Temecula will bond those lumineers one at a time. Finally, the dentist will make sure your bite is even to avoid grinding.

These will make your smile look like a movie star’s! Your lumineers dentist Temecula ensures a beautiful white smile that will make your smile georgeous. Who doesnt want that!? You dont have to worry about them falling off thanks to the updated and modern glue and technology that is utilized. Come into enjoy a new smile when you come out!

As your lumineers dentist Temecula we are located at 29746 Rancho California Rd
Temecula, CA 92591. Our office number is 951-699-4746.

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