Little Known Services that Dentists Provide

   When you think of a visit to the dentist, chances are you are cleanings, x-rays, braces and other basic treatment come to mind. Surprisingly, many dentists offer treatment that is not just about the teeth but can benefit your overall health. Four of these little known services that dentists provide can be found below.

TMJ Jaw Therapy

    Have you ever noticed that your dentist will ask you to open and close your mouth? In fact, this is your dentist checking the health of your jaw. He or she is ensuring you are not having difficulty opening your mouth fully or a clicking sound made by the jaw. If you do, this may mean you have temporomandibular disorders (TMD), better known as TMJ, after the temporomandibular joint. Most likely, your dentist has experience in treating such a disorder.

Sleep Disordered Breathing

   Many may have trouble sleeping due to breathing issues. As a result, this problem can drastically affect one’s health in a negative way due to lack of sleep. A trained dentist who is familiar with sleep disorders, such as Sleep Apnea, can provide helpful treatment for improving your sleep. Sleep treatment is one of the little known services that dentists provide.

Oral Cancer Screening

   With a thorough look in the mouth, most dentists can determine whether or not you have oral pre-cancer or cancer. This is just one of the ways a dentist will perform an oral cancer screening.  Your next exam, ask your dentist about an oral cancer screening!

   As you can see, the dentist has some tricks up his sleeve. Let us know about any questions or concerns you have about the little known services that dentists provide!


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