All About Kids Loosing Teeth

It is often very exciting for a kid to wiggle their loose teeth until they come out. If a loose tooth is bothering your child however, you may be tempted to pull it out. What is the recommended course of action regarding kids loosing teeth?

Why is it loose?

Beginning around age 6, your child will notice some wiggly teeth. This is due to the fact that their permanent teeth are pushing upwards on the baby teeth. Eventually, the baby teeth roots dissolve enough for kids to pull them out with minimal blood. This makes way for the permanent teeth. On the other hand, kids loosing teeth or having loose teeth do not always mean the permanent teeth are coming in. Instead, it can be contributed to a hard hit when playing, for example. You should definitely contact your dentist about this issue to prevent further damage.

Order, Order!

You may not realize it, but kids loosing teeth actually involves order. The baby teeth that fall out first should be the teeth that came in first. First to go is usually the front teeth, around 6 or 7. Instead of pulling the tooth out, allow your child to wiggle it out. This will help to minimize pain. Additionally, as with the baby teeth, you want to help your child brush and floss daily. Ensure they are learning from you as you set the proper example!

Seek Help From a Professional!

Kids loosing teeth is generally a pretty smooth experience. If however you are finding this to be difficult for your child, give us a call! Dr. Perry is a great children’s dentist and will provide needed care!


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