Are you keeping up with your oral routine? During this quarantine time it may be hard to keep up with a healthy oral routine, Rancho Dental is here to help. Especially during this time, it is so important to keep healthy and strong. We have some simple tips to help you do this. 

   First washing your hands is a must. We recommend at least twenty minutes before and after any personal dental care. This will keep bacteria off your hands and away from your mouth. Try to brush your teeth at least two times a day! Also floss once a day. This will get rid of the bacteria that is hard to reach. This will keep your oral health clean and strong.

   However there is more ways to keep strong other than just the personal oral care. Eating a well balanced diet helps keep your immune system up. This means limiting sugary and sticky foods. This will also cause less plaque on your teeth. Drinking more water in between meals helps wash out bacteria and plaque. It also is extremely important for your inside health as well. Even trying to limit sugary drinks and replacing them with water would help keep you energized and healthy. 

   Of course if you have any dental emergencies, you can call Rancho Dental to see how we can help. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. You can keep up with your oral routine. We are all in this together!