Is It Necessary to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

   You know how common it is for people to get their wisdom teeth extracted. Perhaps you or someone you know is unsure as to whether or not to remove wisdom teeth. Why is an extraction of these teeth so common? Is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth?


   First and foremost, a visit to the dentist in which you receive x-rays is the first step. The dentist can then evaluate your teeth. In fact, many people do not need to have their wisdom teeth or third molars removed. However, there are certain things the dentist looks for in x-rays that will often mean a recommendation to have them pulled. During the exam a Panoramic x-ray will be taken in order to evaluate the position of the wisdom teeth and determine if they need to be removed.  If extraction is recommended, Dr. Perry or Dr. Dan will refer the patient to a local oral surgeon.  

The following scenarios may mean you need your wisdom teeth removed:

  • Not Enough Room- There is only so much room in the mouth. Once the first and second molars come in, a third set of molars can cause crowding. If this is the case, wisdom teeth may become impacted. In other words, they cannot fully erupt or become misaligned. In addition, crowding in the mouth can cause crooked teeth.
  • Pain- If wisdom teeth become impacted; food and bacteria can get caught and may be difficult to clean away. This can cause further issues like infection or cavities. Therefore, pain when wisdom are coming in may mean it is time to remove wisdom teeth.

Listen to Your Dentist

As you can see, there are valid reasons to remove wisdom teeth. However, if your dental professional recommends to have your wisdom teeth extracted in oral surgery, it may sound intimidating. First of all, keep in mind that wisdom teeth extraction is a routine procedure that is done every single day. Second of all, having your wisdom teeth extracted will save you from the pain associated with wisdom tooth problems.

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