Is that a good question?  It is!  Many times you may see a Dental Office or a Dentist refer to General Dentistry, and other times you may or may not see Cosmetic Dentistry? Or Cosmetic Dentist.    To be a Cosmetic Dental Office, to be a Cosmetic Dentist, requires additional training, credentials and meeting more standards to ensure the health of the patient.    You first have to be a General Dentist! ūüôā  There after the Cosmetic Dental Credentials are pursued and added as one is qualified.     Super important, that that is very clear!   As Cosmetic Dental work is added skill and and more is involved for the patients well being.  We are so happy that Doctor’s Perry are highly qualified from the top teaching facilities to become Cosmetic Dentists serving Temecula and of course the Inland Empire!   Temecula Valley is proud to have Rancho Dental as the premier dental office!  Call us to ask any questions you may have!   951-699-4746