Dr. Perry believes in using highly professional specialists with Invisalign Temecula Dentist whenever possible. Dr. Perry is not an advocate of having inexperienced Dentists take care of patients! He recommends that a skilled Dentist does such procedures as Invisalign and Oral Surgery.

Rancho Dental, your Invisalign Dentist Temecula, uses a specially trained Orthodontist, Dr. Roy Miyamoto. Washington University School of Dentistry is the school Dr. Mitamoto attended. He now practices at here at your Invisalign Temecula Dentist, as well as in Orange County. Dr. Miyamoto can help you choose between traditional Orthodontics or Invisalign…both offered at your Invisalign Dentist Temecula.

Traditional Orthodontics: This generally encompasses the quickest and most precise results. Clear braces can be used as an alternative, less obvious option. Many adults opt for clear braces. since they are less noticeable. Both options feel the same and provide the same results.

Invisalign: An even less obvious method of straightening teeth using a series of clear removable trays that straighten your teeth. This will not work at all times however, so it is highly recommended you discuss this with your Invisalign Dentist Temecula.

Invisalign is great for so may reasons! Since Invisalign is a clear tray that is fit to both top and bottom teeth, you can easily take it in and out to clean, sing, play sports, ect. The discomfort is minimal and no one can really tell you are undergoing treatments to straighten your teeth. Teens especially have enjoyed this aspect! Whether you are young or old with minimal or severe overcrowding, overbite, crossbite, ect. it is important that you do your research to find an answer. Fixing such problems will not only give you self confidence, but you will benefit your overall health and be able to clean your teeth easier! One of the many improvements in modern dentistry.


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